Opportunities to Grow - Financing for Florida Timber Foresters

Farm Credit of Florida sees the forest and the trees. Running a successful timber operation means making a long- term commitment. You need a lender who is willing to go the distance with you. You need Farm Credit of Florida.

We understand what it takes to finance your investment in timberland, and we have staff who specialize in the industry. Our knowledge, competitive rates and flexible terms make us the best choice for financing your timber investment.

One size doesn’t “fit all” when it comes to the financing needs of the timber industry. Farm Credit of Florida understands the different needs of the hauler, logger, or mill owner. We have a variety of loans and leases to finance all segments of the timber industry. Farm Credit of Florida loan officers understand the complex needs and demands of a successful timber operation and are committed to your success.

Whether it’s purchasing timberland or buying seeding equipment, they’re ready to help you grow. If you’re interested in buying recreational property, searching for a unique opportunity to invest in timberland, or just want to buy land in the country, we know where to begin. We’ve been financing agriculture for nearly a century. Let us put our experience to work for you.

Farm Credit of Florida makes loans for:

  • Purchasing timberland or standing timber
  • Buying sawmill equipment
  • Purchasing or leasing machinery, equipment, cars and trucks
  • Making timberland improvements, such as planting and seeding
  • Maintaining roads, fire lanes and drainage ditches
  • Refinancing debts
  • Paying operating expenses

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It pays to do business with Farm Credit of Florida

One of the most important financial benefits of being a Farm Credit of Florida member-borrower is having the opportunity to share in the association’s profits - this is our patronage program. While most businesses return their profits to outside investors, Farm Credit of Florida believes in the importance of cooperative ownership. In other words, our borrowers ARE our investors, and as such, can share in our profits.

Farm Credit of Florida believes it’s important to put our profits in YOUR pockets. Ask your Farm Credit of Florida loan officer about the details of our patronage program and our diverse loan products.