Supporting your neighbors. Supporting you.

At Farm Credit of Florida, our goal is to exceed your expectations in all areas. We treat our member-borrowers like family by establishing individual long-term relationships with them. But don’t just take our word for it. Read what our own members have to say about their Farm Credit experiences.


“Last year, through the help of Farm Credit, our employees and our local industry, we made it through the storm.  Now that we are looking at a similar catastrophe, we can look back and say ‘were going to make it’.”  Read More

John R. Newbold III, Owner, Forest Groves, Inc.

"As long as we act in good faith, Farm Credit is always there for us." Read More

Millie Carlton-Bolin

Farm Credit has been dedicated to the business of agriculture for nearly 100 years. I figure they must be doing something right.

Bruce Carter, Owner, Surf Turf. Inc

"We would recommend Farm Credit to anyone, especially someone who is getting started."  Read More

Damon and Roger Deas

"Farm Credit knows the ups and downs of the cattle business and the nature of the industry in Florida."  Read More

Jim Farley

"Farm Credit understands the cattle industry, and they always listen to the needs of farmers and ranchers."  Read More

Michael Griffin

"I enjoy knowing I am part of a long legacy, and Farm Credit has helped me ensure the legacy carries on."  Read More

Alex Johns

"There have been times in the cattle industry when things have been tight, and Farm Credit has always taken the side of the rancher."  Read More

Jacob Larson

We like that Farm Credit has been dedicated to the business of agriculture for generations.

Woody Larson, Larson Dairy

"Working with Farm Credit is good business. The rates are competitive and with a patronage refund, it just makes sense."  Read More

Wendy Petteway

"When you're in agriculture, you need money to finance your growth."  Read More

Dr. Hal Phillips

Farm Credit is dedicated to the business of agriculture. And that includes me and my nursery.

Dave Self, Owner, Wyld West Annuals

Farm Credit is dedicated to the business of agriculture, and that includes me and my farm.

Roland Yee, Owner, Yee Farms

They were watching out for us. Everyone that I have dealt with there has made our experience with Farm Credit very pleasant.

The Youngs

The loan officers came to us, they made everything very convenient. They provided a quick response to every need and concern we had.

The Davis Family