Patronage Program

It pays to do business with Farm Credit of Florida.

One of the most important financial benefits of being a Farm Credit of Florida member-borrower is having the opportunity to share in the association’s profits. While most businesses return their profits to outside investors, Farm Credit of Florida believes in the importance of cooperative ownership. In other words, our borrowers ARE our investors, and as such, can share in our profits.

Farm Credit of Florida believes it’s important to put our profits in YOUR pockets. Ask your Farm Credit of Florida loan officer about the details of our patronage program and our diverse loan products.

Membership has its rewards

Smart farmers and country homeowners who borrow from Farm Credit of Florida could get a visit from a United States President, in the form of money back in their pockets!

We are a cooperative lender, which means that you are an owner and have a say in the way the cooperative is run. Each year, you have the opportunity to elect a group of your peers to our board of directors. This elected group is comprised of farmers, ranchers, and growers—people who understand what you need from a lender. They guide the association’s activities and policies throughout the year, and make sure that we never forget that our first priority is you, our borrower. Because our borrowers share in the governance of our association, it only makes sense that you would share in our success.

Ask your loan officer to show you the most recent returns—we think you’ll be impressed. We put our profits back in our borrowers’ pockets. We are committed to serving all of agriculture and are a stable source of credit now and in the future.

Learn more about patronage refunds with these helpful tools: