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Country Living at its Best

Rural America has changed considerably over the years. Today, people are moving back to the country— to the open spaces, clean air and a peaceful, laid-back lifestyle— back to their roots. Whatever your reason, Farm Credit of Florida knows how to help you realize your dreams.

Farm Credit of Florida home loan experts specialize in financing land purchases, large and small. We understand the intricacies of financing rural properties. Check out our flexible and easy-to-use products, and you’ll see we’ve got what you need to make your dreams come true.

No other lender understands rural living the way Farm Credit of Florida does. From home improvements to equipment loans, construction or refinancing, we can finance everything you need for your land and your lifestyle. At Farm Credit of Florida, we offer loans that can be used for a variety of purchases ranging from single-family homes to large tracts of land.

If you are planning on building, improving or renovating property you already own, Farm Credit can help. Commercial banks don’t understand the intricacies of financing rural properties, but Farm Credit does.

With our expertise, Farm Credit of Florida is able to offer custom financial services just for you.

  • Acreage is no problem; we finance large and small tracts of land. 
  • We can finance land with homes, building sites and renovations of existing homes on acreage. 
  • We offer competitive interest rates and loan terms 
  • Our customer service team is experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated to serving you.

At Farm Credit of Florida, we are committed to seeing rural America thrive. After nearly a century of lending money for homes and farms in the country, we have become experts in rural financing.

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Farm Credit of Florida is an Equal Housing Lender.

New Construction

Are you building a new home?

We can handle your lending needs, from buying land to financing construction even if you’re not going to build right away.
Here are just a few of the financing features we offer:

  • Fixed, interim fixed or variable rates, including rate conversion.
  • Unusually flexible terms, including long-term options.
  • No limit on acres.
  • Loans without prepayment penalties.
  • One-time closing – saves time, closing costs and risk of changing interest rates.
  • Mortgage loans may be eligible for cash-back dividends.