Equipment Loans

We offer loans for new and used farm and forestry equipment. Anything from a small tractor and rotary mower to the newest sugarcane harvester. We know your business depends on the having the best tools and equipment available.

We offer loans for:

  • Irrigation and pivots
  • New and used equipment
  • Tillage, planting and harvesting equipment
  • Tractors
  • All equipment needed for planting, growing, harvesting and processing timber

Farm Credit EXPRESS

Our Farm Credit EXPRESS program lets you apply for financing from Farm Credit of Florida while at the dealership. It's one-stop shopping so you can get back to business sooner. Why Farm Credit EXPRESS?

  • Apply for financing while at a participating dealership.
  • Get approval for a farm equipment loan in as little as 20 minutes.
  • Take advantage of dealer discounts and still pay low rates and fees on your loan.
  • Get great rates and terms for used and new equipment financing—fixed rates with no prepayment penalties.

When you use our Farm Credit EXPRESS program, you still get all the benefits of being a Farm Credit of Florida member, like patronage refunds, loan officers who know you and your business, and solid, dependable financing. Update your old equipment today and keep your operation running efficiently.

Are you a dealer? If you are an equipment dealer interested in offering this valuable benefit to your customers, please email Dennis Abbott for more information. For a listing of participating dealerships, please click here.

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It pays to do business with Farm Credit of Florida

One of the most important financial benefits of being a Farm Credit of Florida member-borrower is having the opportunity to share in the association’s profits - this is our patronage program. While most businesses return their profits to outside investors, Farm Credit of Florida believes in the importance of cooperative ownership. In other words, our borrowers ARE our investors, and as such, can share in our profits.

Farm Credit of Florida believes it’s important to put our profits in YOUR pockets. Ask your Farm Credit of Florida loan officer about the details of our patronage program and our diverse loan products.