Michael Griffin: A Man That Values Life

For Michael Griffin, working on his cattle ranch is the highlight of his day.

Griffin owns and operates Diamond D ranch, a cow-calf operation just outside of Jacksonville, Florida. For him, being a rancher is more of a lifestyle than a job. Every morning he goes out and checks his cattle, looking for calves and admiring the beautiful sunrise the Lord provided. This gives him a special connection to the land and helps him value life itself.

"Anytime you have a man that works with the dirt and his hands or with animals, you have a man that learns to value life,” Griffin said.

When it came time to expand his business, Griffin looked for a lender that shared his same values and connection to agriculture. The search ended as soon as he heard about Farm Credit.

"Working with Farm Credit has just always been a good relationship,” Griffin said. "They know our industry. They have committees that they built to listen to the ranchers and the farmers and anybody they loan money to. They know the industry because they care about it and share the same mission we do.”

For Michael Griffin, doing business has always been about relationships, and that is what he likes most about working with Farm Credit.

"My relationship manager Steve Register has just been tremendous. Whenever we have to do something he comes to my office. I don't have to go to a bank; we do business right here on the ranch. We ride around and talk about the goals we want to achieve. It's a relationship, not just a business transaction,” Griffin said.

Beyond his relationship with Farm Credit, Griffin also points to the money-saving patronage program as a reason for becoming a member.

"I've never banked with anyone before that sent me a check at the end of the year. That's good stuff,” Griffin said.

Griffin likes to end each day just like he started it; riding thru his cattle, checking for calves and admiring the sunset.

"There are a few things that are always welcome here at Diamond D Ranch; a fresh morning rain, a new born calf, and Farm Credit.”